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Hearing Aid

Hearing aid differentiates between one person to another. The type of hearing loss, your lifestyle and personal preferences regarding the color and style will be the factor that determines the hearing aid you will purchase.

 As a result of our 23 years of experience, our knowledge and experience with numerous brands and customers, we are here to give you the best service with the most suitable hearing aid models for you and your hearing loss.


Mini In Ear - Invisible hearing aids

It is an invisible and the smallest model among the hearing aid models. This is a one-piece model which can be placed completely inside your ear canal. It is designed individually for everyone with different ear sizes, and also mounts with your ear canal size.


In-Canal Hearing Aids

It is slightly larger model than the mini in-ear model. In-canal hearing aids fit completely inside your ear canal, also a one piece model.


Behind The Ear - BTE Hearing Aids

They are much smaller hearing aid models than conventional behind-the-ear hearing aids. These models are placed behind the auricle.


RIC - Mini BTE Hearing Aids

It is much smaller than the BTE model. The sound is transmitted into the ear with a very small speaker located in the ear canal with a thin and invisible cable that is placed behind the auricle.


Slim Tube Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

Same size as BTE-Behind-the-ear model. It is placed behind the auricle. The sound is transmitted into the ear through a very small mold in the ear with the help of a very, very thin tube.


Hearing Aids for Children

Children cannot use in-ear model hearing aids. In hearing aids placed behind the auricle, the sound is transmitted into the ear with the help of a thin tube with a special mold inside the ear.

2021 Technology Award-Winning
Hearing Aid

Our Hearing Aids was awarded for “the first hearing aid, groundbreaking solution to combine dual AI technology to improve real-time hearing” in CES 2021 Innovation Awards Health & Wellness Wearable Technologies (Innovative Health Awards – Health and Wearable Technologies) categories by reducing the standard sound delay (delay during processing the sound in the hearing aid-processor speed) in hearing aids from 7-10 milliseconds to less than 0.5 milliseconds.


Our technology

Next Generation Intelligent
Hearing Technology That Can Learn

Our Differences Compared to Other Hearing Aids

  • 60% smaller memory chip
  • Hearing 20 times more than other hearing aids
  • Highest sound processing speed in a hearing aid
  • No more distorted and artificial sounds
  • World’s smallest rechargeable Lithium-Ion RIC Hearing Aid
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HiRes Comformatic

Most hearing aids today merely categorize six predefined “acoustic environments”. However, life is always moving forward, and this is not enough. So, our new generation of hearing aids activate pre-recorded hearing scenarios for 120 different environments.

Motion sensor

G6 built-in hearing aids have a built-in motion sensor. This sensor enables our devices to detect the user’s movements and offer the most appropriate sets for the current hearing situation.


The hearing aid recognizes the user’s specific voice pattern and integrates it into the signal processing. This feature, allows the user to hear their own voice as naturally as possible. As a result, the user can socialize more, communicate healthier and improve their quality of life.

Audio Transfer

Audio signals from telephone, TV or any HiFi devices are transferred to hearing aids directly or by transmitters. Smart Mic accessory enables audio streaming from Android and IOS smartphones.

Smartphone Application Support

Connexx Smart Mic Bluetooth® application provides audio streaming from almost all Android and IOS Smartphones to the hearing aid, and also enables other utilities such as connection with smartphones, listening to music, and remote control features.

Design Technology

Your hearing aid becomes a stylish accessory which is specificly designed for you with its wide range of color options and extravagant design.